HVAC: Could this have been you?

Click through the task together with a colleague. If you get through all the questions, discuss within the team the hazardous situations you have experienced at height.

Safety manual for thatchers: Take care when you are high up on straw

Roofing seats, walkways, construction hoists, roofing materials. You will find only some of the tools useful when you work as a roofer. You will often have to roof old, worn […]

Fitting windows and doors

Fa├žade elements such as windows and doors are heavy and may be difficult to handle. Therefore, you have to take particular care not to strain your body, and use technical […]

Plasterboard is great – but heavy

Plasterboard is good for many, many purposes, but it can be difficult to handle and unwieldy to put up unless you use technical aids. Fortunately there is plenty of good […]

Accident with a nail gun

Click on the news headline and read through the task with a colleague.

Atrial fibrillation

What will you encounter? Click through the task and find out whether anything shown here reminds you of anything. Chat about the questions with a colleague.

Technical aids: Doors and windows

What machine for what installation? Manual handling of windows and doors may cause unnecessary ergonomic strains. Therefore, suitable technical aids must be used for transportation (both vertical and horizontal) and […]

Questions on delineation plans

In the video, could Bent E end up in any risky situations when he is working in traffic? What kind of delineation plan could be compiled for the work you […]

Problems and solutions when working with concrete elements

Concrete elements are large and heavy. Accidents can easily happen, so watch out and follow a few simple rules. Problems: Falling from ladders Dust and effects from quartz dust and […]

Working in existing crawl spaces

This guide describes the particular risks encountered when working in existing crawl spaces. It also describes how to counter these risks effectively. Crawl space height: You must not work in […]

Questions on safety when working with electricity

Are there any problems in the video with safety when working with electricity? What could be the consequences of being careless with safety when working with electricity? What could Bent […]

Facts: How to take care of yourself as a mason pavior

As a mason pavior, you often have to carry and handle heavy materials. Kerb stones, cobblestones and woodchip are heavy, so you have to pay attention to how much you […]

Questions on Bent E and the ladder

Watch the video in which Bent E uses a ladder at work. Is the ladder strictly necessary in this situation? What technical aids could he use instead of climbing a […]

Installation of wooden elements

Safe fitting of wooden elements is largely dependent on health and safety being incorporate throughout the entire process – in the project planning, planning and execution phases. Therefore, cooperation between […]

Safeguarding against falling through

When carrying out renovation tasks, the existing roof structure may be weakened to such an extent that there is a risk of falling through it. Before work is carried out, […]