Building builder-Questions

Questions on buying machinery

Machinery can make hard, heavy work a lot easier. But who is responsible for making sure that the machinery supplied is actually used? Who is to get involved in the […]

Questions: What kind of dust do you encounter

You have to search the Internet to find out what the greatest sources of dust are at a construction site. What can dust do to you? For example, have a […]

Questions on manual lifting

Unfortunately avoiding lifting completely is impossible; but if you do have to lift something, what can you do to ensure that as little strain as possible is placed on your […]

The challenge: What are the various items of protective equipment called?

Look at the picture and name the various items of protective equipment. What work situations would you use them in? And what would they protect you from?

Questions about contract machinery

A lot of machinery requires special training before you are allowed to use it. From your trade union, find out what machinery requires special training, and find out how to […]

Test yourself: Are you a dust bunny?

Test yourself – are you a dust bunny?

Questions on technical aids

A lot of lifting can be done using technical aids. Which ones do you use? What does using technical aids mean for you? Are there any problems with using certain […]

Test yourself on safety when working with electricity

How things can go wrong if you are careless with electricity

See what you have learned about safety with machinery.

Complete the sheet and see how much you know about safety.

Questions on machine safety

A lot of machines are easy to operate straight away. Why do you think instructions for use in Danish should be supplied? How often do you look at a manual […]

Test yourself: Can you avoid heavy lifting?

It is important to always focus on how you are lifting, and how much. There are lots of different technical aids, and you should use them as much as possible […]

Questions on workload/schedule

Bosses’ acceptance of unrealistic schedules or too many jobs may mean you run short of time and are unable to leave for home at the end of the working day. […]

Questions on maintenance of machines

Employers, supervisors and the employees using the machines are obliged to ensure that machines and technical aids always meet the safety requirements. How can you help to ensure that the […]

Questions about heavy lifting

Think about what it would mean for you if you lifted something incorrectly. Think about how you would have dealt with the situation Discuss the various situations with the other […]

Questions on planning and information

Watch the video and chat about the situations in which planning means something for cooperation and wellbeing. What does it mean for your work if planning is kept under control […]