Construction builder-Facts

Excavation work near cable networks

Excavation work is hard on the body. Therefore, you must avoid manual excavation work as far as possible. Instead, use excavators – but be aware of requirements and safety-related arrangements, […]

Protective equipment: Working with asphalt

Asphalt contains substances and materials that can be harmful to health. Therefore, you have to pay particular attention to your protective equipment. Here, you can download a guide in which […]

Facts on roadworks lasting one day only

Roadworks can be many things. And even if minor tasks are being carried out, you must always remember screening for the sake of your own safety. Minor roadworks include: Putting […]

Facts on roadworks with no-work zones

Roadworks on less busy roads, or mobile works can be made safe by implementing a no-work zone. A no-work zone means: Creation of an area of 1 metre between the […]

Facts on forms of marking

There are many different types of marking, and the type you use depends on the size and nature of the roadworks. We differentiate between the following forms of marking: Traffic […]

Facts on low delineation plans according to the rules

When roadworks are to be carried out, a clear delineation plan must be prepared which ensures that the work site is carefully marked out. A delineation plan must include the […]

Remember safety in traffic

When working in traffic, you are very vulnerable. Therefore, you must be aware of how to screen off roadworks. Roadworks will almost always cause inconvenience to road users, so screening […]

If your hearing is damaged by noise, your hearing will never be the same again

If you work with noise levels in excess of 80 dB(A), there is a risk of you suffering from chronic hearing impairment. The louder the noise, the greater the risk […]

Lighting on work sites and building sites

No matter whether the construction site is large or small, it is important for the lighting to be correct. Of course, when you can see what you are doing this […]

Summary of technical aids

A lot of occupational accidents and injuries can be avoided by using aids such as hoists, work platforms and scaffolding. There are lots of different options, and so the industry […]

Facts on ear defenders in general:

Ear defenders should not just damp as much noise as possible. You should always be able to communicate with other people on site and hear if anybody is shouting a […]

When laying and installing cables

You must not lay cables directly on the ground. Cables must be protected in areas where there are people, both walking past and in vehicles. When laying cables in the […]

10 pieces of advice on setting up ladders

Ladders must always be put up properly, i.e. on a firm, flat surface Always check to make sure the ladder is in order, e.g. to make sure that the rungs […]

Technical arrangements that can help you:

Damp noise – for instance, shut off equipment that is not in use, avoid banging metal on metal. Damp noisy machines – such as by using cabs on contract machinery, […]

Facts on electing a safety representative on the building site

On the building site: When there are 5 employees from the same company on site for more than 14 days, a safety representative has to be elected. Everyone (except for […]