Floor fitter-Questions

Questions on orientation and work lighting

Who is responsible for ensuring that the right lighting is available?


Take a look at the video and note where Bent E used hand-held machines. Think about what strains and problems this machine/these machines can cause. Consider what alternatives there are […]

Questions on lighting

What would be the consequences of poor lighting at your place of work? What can you personally do to ensure you have the right lighting?

The challenge: To create a lighting plan

Try to imagine working in the place where you are sitting right now. Decide on what work you will imagine yourself doing. How can you achieve the best possible lighting? […]

Questions on working above shoulder height and below knee height

Think of situations in which you end up working either above shoulder height (i.e. when you have to have your arms up above shoulder height) or below knee height (i.e. […]

The challenge of strained working positions

Watch the video and note down how you think Bent E and his colleagues are placing themselves in unnecessarily strained working positions. What could they do better in the various […]

See what you have learned about safety when working with electricity

Complete the sheet and see how much you know about safety.

The challenge – to try a position

Watch the video and find a scene in which Bent E places himself in a strained working position. Try to recreate the situation with the person next to you: so […]

Questions on electing a safety representative

Have you elected a safety representative at your company? Have you had cause to talk to a safety representative about safety? – What about other subjects?

Questions about technical assistance to find good working positions

Take a look at www.bygergo.dk. Find the technical aids that will be useful to you in your profession. Have a think about the situations in which you will be working […]

Questions on safety meetings

Do you think safety meetings in real life happen the way they were depicted in the video? Why/why not?

See what you have learned about good working positions

Complete the sheet and see how much you know about safety.

Questions on safety work and finance

Does your safety work cost money, or can safety work pay off for: the developer? the company? the amount you earn? Why/why not?

Questions on place of work assessment (APV)

A place of work assessment is an important tool for dealing with safety at your place of work. What is a place of work assessment? Who should create a place […]

Questions on shared areas

What are shared areas on a building site?