Safety manual for thatchers: Take care when you are high up on straw

Roofing seats, walkways, construction hoists, roofing materials. You will find only some of the tools useful when you work as a roofer. You will often have to roof old, worn […]

Safeguarding against falling through

When carrying out renovation tasks, the existing roof structure may be weakened to such an extent that there is a risk of falling through it. Before work is carried out, […]

Industry guide on roofing

Here, you can find out – among other things – what barriers you have to use when working on roofs. You can also see which scaffolding you have to put […]

If your hearing is damaged by noise, your hearing will never be the same again

If you work with noise levels in excess of 80 dB(A), there is a risk of you suffering from chronic hearing impairment. The louder the noise, the greater the risk […]

Facts on electing a safety representative on the building site

On the building site: When there are 5 employees from the same company on site for more than 14 days, a safety representative has to be elected. Everyone (except for […]

10 pieces of advice on setting up ladders

Ladders must always be put up properly, i.e. on a firm, flat surface Always check to make sure the ladder is in order, e.g. to make sure that the rungs […]

Facts on ear defenders in general:

Ear defenders should not just damp as much noise as possible. You should always be able to communicate with other people on site and hear if anybody is shouting a […]

Facts on electing a safety representative at the home company

At the home company When the company employs 10 people, a safety representative must be elected. The safety representative is elected by all employees of the company, or of the […]

Rules for trestle ladders

The top ends must not be able to press against one another. It must be possible to use them as a single ladder if they are equipped to do so. […]

Technical arrangements that can help you:

Damp noise – for instance, shut off equipment that is not in use, avoid banging metal on metal. Damp noisy machines – such as by using cabs on contract machinery, […]

Facts on the safety coordinator

The safety coordinator is appointed by the developer, and his job is to coordinate safety in shared areas on site. The coordinator must convene safety meetings on site at least […]

Ladders as a means of escape

There must always be a means of escape in addition to the access route such that everyone at the work site can escape to safety in the event of a […]

You should not rely on the things you hear being correct!

It can be difficult to tell whether noise is too loud for you. A change in noise level of 1 dB(A) is almost imperceptible. A change of 3 dB(A) halves […]

Facts on the Danish Working Environment Authority

The Danish Working Environment Service is the public authority working in respect of the working environment. Its job is to help create safe, healthy work that promotes development by: Inspecting […]

Facts on requirements for ladders

All ladders must be inspected at appropriate intervals for looseness, cracks and broken sections. Defective ladders must be repaired or discarded immediately. Remember that the type of ladder suitable for […]