Safety manual for thatchers: Take care when you are high up on straw

Roofing seats, walkways, construction hoists, roofing materials. You will find only some of the tools useful when you work as a roofer. You will often have to roof old, worn […]

Safeguarding against falling through

When carrying out renovation tasks, the existing roof structure may be weakened to such an extent that there is a risk of falling through it. Before work is carried out, […]

Industry guide on roofing

Here, you can find out – among other things – what barriers you have to use when working on roofs. You can also see which scaffolding you have to put […]

Requirements for protective equipment

Your personal protective equipment must always be maintained and in good condition, otherwise the protection it offers may be reduced. All protective equipment must: Always provide you with the protection […]

Avoid vibration damage

To avoid vibration damage, you can work with low-vibration tools, suspended tools or remote controlled equipment. Reduce any time you work with vibrating tools. Share work involving vibration with others, […]

Monotonous work that places a strain on your body

Various forms of monotonous, stressful work: Monotonous, repetitive work. Static holding and carrying work. Working in static working positions. Work demanding attention, concentration, vision and hearing. Stressful working positions and […]

Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment is a concept which covers lots of different personal protective equipment. One thing they all have in common is the fact that they help to enhance your […]

Vibration load

The risk of vibration injury is dependent upon the overall vibration to which you are subject over an 8-hour working day. The limit on how much vibration you can be […]

Guidelines from the Danish Working Environment Authority on the use of personal protective equipment

Your health and safety are absolutely crucial in your work. This means that the use of personal protective equipment is not a subject for discussion. The Danish Working Environment Services […]

Noise and hand/arm vibration

Industry guide on noise and hand/arm vibration This guide provides good advice on precautionary measures against hand and arm vibration.Noise and vibration

Good advice on safe electricity

You can help to increase safety when working with electricity by being vigilant as regards the following: Examine tools when they show signs of faults Examine tools at least every […]

Avoid occupational accidents from heights

Occupational accidents often happen when people fall off ladders or through holes in the ground. A few precautionary measures can reduce the risk of occupational injuries and accidents. Falling from […]

Working close to electrical cabinets

More or less all work sites and building sites use electricity. You may need electricity for machinery and lighting, and this often requires large electrical cabinets which have to be […]

Facts on requirements for railings/screens

Railings must be 1 m high and include hand, knee and foot rails. Railings must be able to withstand the following loads in between the posts: – Horizontal load of […]

Keeping electricity in order

Electricity is dangerous if it is not correctly installed, secured and inspected regularly. Therefore, you must always be aware of electrical safety on the work site and the places where […]