Safety representative-Questions

Questions on safety work and finance

Does your safety work cost money, or can safety work pay off for: the developer? the company? the amount you earn? Why/why not?

Questions on place of work assessment (APV)

A place of work assessment is an important tool for dealing with safety at your place of work. What is a place of work assessment? Who should create a place […]

Questions on shared areas

What are shared areas on a building site?

The challenge: to elect a safety representative

Search on the Internet and find the answers to these questions: Who can be elected as a safety representative?. When should you elect a safety representative for the building site […]

Questions about training and cooperation

Search on the Internet and find the answers to these questions: Should the safety representative have carried out special training? If so, in what? How does cooperation take place between […]

See what you have learned about safety

Complete the sheet and see whether you have mastered the tasks.

Questions on electing a safety representative

Have you elected a safety representative at your company? Have you had cause to talk to a safety representative about safety? – What about other subjects?

Questions on safety meetings

Do you think safety meetings in real life happen the way they were depicted in the video? Why/why not?

Questions about risk symbols

Between 20 January 2009 and 1 June 2015, the familiar old hazard symbol are being changed to new international symbols. Find the new symbols at Find the new hazard […]

Hearing damage from noise

Work out your own noise load over a working day ( ) Your hearing may already be damaged. Test your hearing ( or ( )