Scaffold builder-Questions

Questions on orientation and work lighting

Who is responsible for ensuring that the right lighting is available?

Questions about Bent E takes to the heights

You should watch the video and note down how many times Bent E puts himself at risk when working at height. This might be because he is not using the […]

Questions on working close to traffic

Have you ever experienced any hazardous situations when putting up scaffolding close to traffic? What kind?

Questions about good advice on ladders

Try to come up with the 10 best pieces of advice if someone has to use a ladder at work. Write them down on a piece of paper. They try […]

Questions on fall protection on roofs

Is it inconvenient to use protection and shielding? What reasons can there be for not using it? What do you need to use it?

The challenge: safety on the roof

Watch the video and note where Bent E or his colleagues are in danger of falling off or through the roof. Use the Internet and, for example, to find […]

Questions on good advice when working on a hoist

What good advice and recommendations are applicable when you work on a hoist? You can check on the Internet or this site. Are the recommendations troublesome and inhibiting, or do […]

See what you have learned about working on a hoist/staff lifts

Complete the sheet and see how much you know about safety.

See what you have learned about safety when working with electricity

Complete the sheet and see how much you know about safety.

Accidents with ladders

Click on the news article and see just how wrong things can go if you are not careful when working on ladders. Sit down with a colleague and chat about […]

Questions on electing a safety representative

Have you elected a safety representative at your company? Have you had cause to talk to a safety representative about safety? – What about other subjects?

Road builder: Could this be you?

Are you fully aware of how dangerous working on ladders is? Sit down with a colleague and click through the task. Discuss with the team what hazardous situations you personally […]

Questions on safety meetings

Do you think safety meetings in real life happen the way they were depicted in the video? Why/why not?

Questions on varying working positions

On a work site, is it possible to create more variation in the work done so that people suffer from less strain – and can everyone maintain a full working […]

Questions on safety work and finance

Does your safety work cost money, or can safety work pay off for: the developer? the company? the amount you earn? Why/why not?