Facts on vibrating machinery and tools

Hand-operated tools for drilling and cutting construction elements place a strain on hands and arms. This can cause lack of sensation, numbness and pain in the fingers, hands and arms. In a worst-case scenario, this can cause “white fingers”, as the illness is known, when the blood flow to the fingers temporarily stops.

  • Use the machinery and tools that vibrate the least.
  • Choose a working method with the least possible vibration. For instance, when sanding a floor you can avoid your entire body vibration by walking behind the machine instead of using the “standing plate” fitted.
  • Use suitable vibration-damping handles on tools, and wear vibration-damping gloves wherever possible.
  • Always wear gloves that keep your fingers warm.
  • Avoid smoking for 1 hour before working with vibrating tools. Smoking causes the blood vessels to contract, which makes the effect worse.