Technical aids: Doors and windows

What machine for what installation?

Manual handling of windows and doors may cause unnecessary ergonomic strains. Therefore, suitable technical aids must be used for transportation (both vertical and horizontal) and installation.

  • Access and transport routes must be even and kept tidy.
  • Hoisting and transport cases can be used together with electric hoists.
  • Work platforms and cranes with suction cups are good for storey construction.
  • Scaffolding with trolleys provides new options for vertical transport and fitting.
  • Trucks and telescopic loaders with suction cup systems can be used for fitting.
  • Lifting platforms provide access for both removal and insertion.
  • Cranes with suction cups are good to use for fitting.
  • Door lifters are practical aids when handling heavy doors.
  • A ‘hund’ (= ‘dog’) can be used for horizontal transport if the surface is even

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