What respiratory protection?

It is important to use protective equipment when working with dust. Respiratory protection can include dust filters, or masks with replaceable filters, or turbo masks.

Filters are divided into classes:

  • Class P1 provides limited protection against dust. These filters must not be used if the limit for the contaminated substance is below 5 mg/m3. This filter provides no protection against asbestos fibres or quartz dust, for example.
  • Class P2 provides protection against most types of dust that are harmful to health and liquid aerosols, but not against bacteria or viruses, for example.
  • Class P3 provides protection similar to class P2, but it also protects against bacteria and viruses, for example. Respiratory protection with particle filters provide no protection when the air contains harmful gases or vapours.

If you work for more than 3 hours at a time wearing a filter mask, you have to use a turbo mask.