Precautionary measures when using hand-held machine

You must be particularly vigilant for conditions where there is an increased risk of accidents. When working with handheld machines, it is necessary always to assess whether there are any risks associated with carrying out the work. Also remember that:

  • You must have received thorough instruction on use of the machinery and tools that are best suited to the task.
  • Make sure you are not at risk when – for example – adapting the tool to suit the material to be worked.
  • Handheld machines should be used above shoulder height – use scaffolding instead of a ladder during this work.
  • Check whether protection devices are fitted correctly.
  • You must wear respiratory protection when carrying out dusty work. If you work for more than three hours a day, use respiratory protection with an air supply or respiratory protection with a turbo unit.
  • If you work less than 3 hours a day, use filtering respiratory protection, and anywhere else where this is required. Use a P2 filter as a minimum.

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