Technical details on ear defenders:

  • Ear defenders must be worn as soon as there is a risk of a noise load of 80 dB(A)

  • To make sure your hearing is not damaged.

  • You can use single-use earplugs or reusable ones. They have to be fitted to your ear canals to have the right effect. You have to shape them with clean hands so as not to get dirt in your ear canals.

  • Earmuffs surround and cover your ears. They should sit snugly over your ears. If the sealing ring is damaged or starts to stiffen, they will no longer be protecting your ears properly.

  • What should you choose? None of these ear defenders will provide complete protection against noise. You can combine earplugs with earmuffs, but make sure you can still hear your colleagues.

  • If you do not maintain your ear defenders, you cannot expect more than 10 dB of protection.