Responsibilities and obligations


  • The developer has four tasks which are important for safety at the work site
  • The tasks in the shared areas must be delimited in respect of the individual contractors
  • Tasks in the shared areas must be coordinated
  • Select a safety coordinator to coordinate safety work at the construction site and chair the safety meetings
  • Report the construction site to the Danish Working Environment Service
  • Prepare a Health and Safety Plan (HSP)
  • In addition, the developer must help to ensure that the work can be carried out properly.


  • Must advise the client so that he can fulfil his undertakings in accordance with the Working Environment Act
  • Must ensure that the project can take place in a manner which is correct in terms of the working environment. (A construction company may in some situations be regarded as project-planning)
  • Must ensure a proper construction sequence – must specify where there are particular risks.

The company

  • Must plan and arrange the work so that it can be carried out properly in terms of health and safety
  • Must manage safety work within the company/on the construction site, and also prepare a place of work assessment,
  • Workplace instructions for use, etc.

The supervisor

  • Is responsible for the company’s obligations in respect of the matter in hand

The employee/you

  • Must comply with the instructions given by the supervisor/company
  • Must help to improve the working environment, e.g. by setting up railings which have fallen down
  • Must call the attention of the supervisor/company to conditions which may be of significance to safety.

The supplier

The suppliers of construction components and technical aids must ensure that their materials meet applicable standards and prepare instructions for use which, among other things, describe how:

  • The product is handled
  • Limitations in use
  • Maintenance

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