Contract machinery

Problems and solutions when working with concrete elements

Concrete elements are large and heavy. Accidents can easily happen, so watch out and follow a few simple rules. Problems: Falling from ladders Dust and effects from quartz dust and […]

Technical aids: Doors and windows

What machine for what installation? Manual handling of windows and doors may cause unnecessary ergonomic strains. Therefore, suitable technical aids must be used for transportation (both vertical and horizontal) and […]

Facts on traffic on the building site

The building site can be complete chaos, and so it is important for you to stay alert on access and transport routes. A building site must comply with the following: […]

Requirements and legislation concerning machinery

There are machines for lots of different purposes, and every machine has its own safety regulations. Although it may seem uncomplicated, it is important for you to familiarise yourself with […]

Facts on vibrating machinery and tools

Hand-operated tools for drilling and cutting construction elements place a strain on hands and arms. This can cause lack of sensation, numbness and pain in the fingers, hands and arms. […]

Facts on heavy lifting when handling machinery and tools

Operating heavy machines can cause harmful effects in the body as working positions are often awkward; the oblique and often heavy lifting can be harmful. Use technical aids when transporting […]

Facts on heavy lifting when handling building elements

A lot of building elements are generally so big that that will be very heavy and difficult to handle manually without damaging your body. Therefore, avoid handling building elements manually. […]

Facts on transporting by crane, forklift truck, hoist and telescopic loader

Layout of the building site. The building site must be laid out such that it is possible to use suitable technical aids for transporting materials – which either remove the […]

Questions on maintenance

Contract machinery is often heavy and huge and uses special advanced equipment. Who is responsible for ensuring that you are using the contract machinery correctly? Who should check that the […]

Questions on buying machinery

Machinery can make hard, heavy work a lot easier. But who is responsible for making sure that the machinery supplied is actually used? Who is to get involved in the […]

Questions about contract machinery

A lot of machinery requires special training before you are allowed to use it. From your trade union, find out what machinery requires special training, and find out how to […]

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