Cooperation and wellbeing

Cooperation and wellbeing = the mental working environment

Problems with the mental working environment will often lead to increased sick leave, low productivity, conflicts, high staff turnover and hence lower earnings. Symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension, sleep […]

Advantages of a good mental working environment and good wellbeing

A good mental working environment and good wellbeing provide energy for work, improved cooperation and improved productivity. Find out more here: Factsheet on the mental working environment at bygge & […]

Gaining an overview of BAR’s information on the mental working environment

View a summary of BAR documentation on the mental working environment. Find out more here: Summary of the mental working environment

Charting the mental working environment

Download forms here for charting the mental working environment on the construction site or at the home company. Download forms and guides here:Charting the mental working environment on the construction […]

Questions on planning and information

Watch the video and chat about the situations in which planning means something for cooperation and wellbeing. What does it mean for your work if planning is kept under control […]

Questions on influence on your own work

Does Bent E have an influence on his own work and an opportunity to arrange his own working day? What can you do to exert more influence over your own […]

Questions on conflicts

Are there scenes in the video on which Bent E helps to start a conflict? How does a conflict start within the company or on the building site? Have you […]

Questions on recognition and respect

Watch the video and note the places where Bent E says nasty things about other people in the company or on the building site. How do you or other apprentices […]

See what you have learned about cooperation and wellbeing

Complete the sheet and see how much you know about safety.

Test yourself on cooperation and wellbeing

Not much is needed to make things work without stress or conflict. It is a good idea to chat about your experiences of work – both good and bad – […]

Questions on workload/schedule

Bosses’ acceptance of unrealistic schedules or too many jobs may mean you run short of time and are unable to leave for home at the end of the working day. […]