Disorder and tidying up

Facts: Good order – greater safety

A work site must be planned and fitted out so that pedestrian and motorised traffic is not impeded by materials and suchlike. The health and safety plan must indicate how […]

Facts on winter on site

The winter poses special challenges on construction sites, and special requirements are applicable here to safeguard you from accidents and injury as much as possible. The winter runs from 1 […]

Keeping electricity in order

Electricity is dangerous if it is not correctly installed, secured and inspected regularly. Therefore, you must always be aware of electrical safety care on site and the places where you […]

Lighting at the building site

No matter whether the construction site is large or small, it is important for the lighting to be correct. Of course, when you can see what you are doing this […]

Questions on mess and safety

What hazardous situations may occur and what accidents may happen when there is too much mess in the workplace? Who do you think should clear up? Is clearing up part […]

Questions on mess and efficient working

What other situations can you think of where mess would mean you not using technical aids even though you should? Could the workplace being messy have any impact on the […]

The challenge: mess on site

Watch the video and note what can be done with the mess and who is responsible for cleaning up and maintaining order. Think about what mess means for the quality […]

See what you have learned about mess and disorder

Complete the sheet and see how much you know about safety.