Dust when drilling and cutting

Drilling and cutting construction elements and road surfaces gives off dust which is harmful to health. This dust has to be restricted or completely avoided – for the sake of […]

What respiratory protection?

It is important to use protective equipment when working with dust. Respiratory protection can include dust filters, or masks with replaceable filters, or turbo masks. Filters are divided into classes: […]

Dust on the building site

Dust on the building site is often a major, serious problem – for both you and the quality of the construction work. But the creation of dust and effects of […]

Creating dust

The construction industry can be dusty and dirty. Dust is created from the earth, construction materials and biological materials. This is often inconvenient, and it can also cause serious injury […]

Controlling substances

In the construction and building industry, we use around 70 000 different forms of chemicals and materials. This creates challenges in respect of your health, and so a website has […]

Use respiratory protection

There are various requirements when you use respiratory protection. Find out lots more here:AT guide

Watch out for dust

Dust from construction materials and biological materials is problematic and can cause serious illnesses such as eczema, allergies, chalicosis and lung cancer. The tiny dust particles and fibres are what […]

Questions on Bent E in the dust

How could Bent E have limited the dust in the situation in the video? And if it is not possible to avoid the dust, how should he protect himself? What […]

Questions on In the dust yourself

Who is responsible for ensuring that you are not exposed to harmful dust? What will you do next time you are in a similar situation?

Questions: What kind of dust do you encounter

You have to search the Internet to find out what the greatest sources of dust are at a construction site. What can dust do to you? For example, have a […]

Test yourself: Are you a dust bunny?

Test yourself – are you a dust bunny?