Handheld equipment

Accident with a nail gun

Click on the news headline and read through the task with a colleague.


Take a look at the video and note where Bent E used hand-held machines. Think about what strains and problems this machine/these machines can cause. Consider what alternatives there are […]

Precautionary measures when using hand-held machine

You must be particularly vigilant for conditions where there is an increased risk of accidents. When working with handheld machines, it is necessary always to assess whether there are any […]

Facts on risks of injury and problems

Your work can place a strain on you in many different ways, and this means that there is a major risk of you suffering injury and problems. Injury and problems […]

Facts on health risks and stresses

If you do work which places a strain on one side of the body, you may experience fatigue, tenderness, pain, swelling and stiffness in the muscles, tendons and joints in […]

Monotonous work that places a strain on your body

Static holding and carrying work is carried out when you work – for example – with tools, equipment, handheld machinery and transport equipment. Static holding and carrying work can make […]

Requirements and legislation concerning machinery

There are machines for lots of different purposes, and every machine has its own safety regulations. Although it may seem uncomplicated, it is important for you to familiarise yourself with […]

Questions on machine safety

A lot of machines are easy to operate straight away. Why do you think instructions for use in Danish should be supplied? How often do you look at a manual […]

Questions on maintenance of machines

Employers, supervisors and the employees using the machines are obliged to ensure that machines and technical aids always meet the safety requirements. How can you help to ensure that the […]

Questions on alternatives to hand-held machines

Hand-held machines are quick, but they can unfortunately also be the “easy” solution, which may increase the risk of injury. What injuries can hand-held machines cause? When was the last […]

See what you have learned about hand-held machines

Complete the sheet and see how much you know about safety.

Test yourself on hand-held machines

Hand-held machines can be heavy to carry, and there may be a great risk of having to stand for a long time in the same position. Your lower arms will […]