Hazardous substances

Facts on asbestos

Asbestos is made up of very thin fibres which are dangerous to inhale. Inhaling the fibres will damage your lungs and can cause pneumoconiosis and cancer that manifests itself only […]

Hazardous substances

Chemicals and dust may cause eczema or . In a worst-case scenario, they may damage the brain and central nervous system, and cause problems with having healthy babies. Therefore, you […]

Organic solvents

Organic solvents can be absorbed through the skin and lungs and cause serious injury. Even solvents which do not smell unpleasant or seem hazardous may be harmful to lots of […]

Controlling substances

In the construction and building industry, we use up to 70 000 different forms of chemicals and materials. Here, you can get ideas on how to work with hazardous substances […]

Dust on the building site

Dust on the building site is often a major, serious problem – for both you and the quality of the construction work. But the creation of dust and effects of […]

Creating dust

The construction industry can be dusty and dirty. Dust is created from the earth, construction materials and biological materials. This is often inconvenient, and it can also cause serious injury […]

Remember your safety…

When you work with hazardous substances and materials, it is important to be very aware of your safety and the risks. Among other things, you must try to avoid the […]

The on-site hut is your base

The on-site hut is designed for you! And designed for your personal hygiene. There are some very clear rules on how an on-site hut is to be kitted out. Find […]


When you encounter mould, you must take care to protect yourself and your surroundings from effects that are hazardous to health. Find out lots more here:Mould


BAR Bygge & Anlæg has created two industry guides: one which indicates which products may contain asbestos and how it is to be handled, and one which describes the general […]

Questions about asbestos

Go on the Internet and find out how to tell whether a material contains asbestos. What does it cost? And how quickly can you get a response?

Questions about risk symbols

Between 20 January 2009 and 1 June 2015, the familiar old hazard symbol are being changed to new international symbols. Find the new symbols at www.styrpaastofferne.dk Find the new hazard […]

Questions on special place of work assessments for working with hazardous substances

What special rules are applicable to preparation of place of work assessments for working with hazardous substances? What do you think having a special place of work assessment means? What […]

Questions on personal hygiene and hazardous substances

What could continuous hygiene – washing your hands, etc. – do to your skin? Do you think there are bathing facilities at all building sites? And what would you do […]

Questions on asbestos

Have you ever encountered asbestos in your work? How can you tell whether a material contains asbestos? What should you do if you are not sure whether there is asbestos […]