Lifting heavy objects

Plasterboard is great – but heavy

Plasterboard is good for many, many purposes, but it can be difficult to handle and unwieldy to put up unless you use technical aids. Fortunately there is plenty of good […]

Fitting windows and doors

Fa├žade elements such as windows and doors are heavy and may be difficult to handle. Therefore, you have to take particular care not to strain your body, and use technical […]

Facts: How to take care of yourself as a mason pavior

As a mason pavior, you often have to carry and handle heavy materials. Kerb stones, cobblestones and woodchip are heavy, so you have to pay attention to how much you […]

How to lift a mortar trough without getting a sore back

Bricklaying can place a strain on you, particularly on your back, for example, when you have to keep bending down for mortar. There are a number of small tricks that […]

Erect scaffolding without damaging yourself

The most frequent causes of injury and problems when you erect scaffolding can be avoided if you implement a few precautionary measures. For instance, you should always use lifting and […]

How to lift correctly

A lot of occupational injuries and problems can be prevented if work on the construction site is planned and executed correctly. A lot of occupational injuries and problems occur in […]

Correct ergonomics provide more energy

Your working position is important to your health and safety. Therefore, you must always be aware of how to lift and carry things. How the structure of the body is […]

Test yourself: Can you avoid heavy lifting?

It is important to always focus on how you are lifting, and how much. There are lots of different technical aids, and you should use them as much as possible […]

Questions about heavy lifting

Think about what it would mean for you if you lifted something incorrectly. Think about how you would have dealt with the situation Discuss the various situations with the other […]

Questions about how much are you allowed to lift.

Now you have to go and surf the Internet. On the basis of applicable rules, you have to find out how much you are allowed to lift in the situation […]

See what you have learned about heavy lifting

Complete the sheet and see how much you know about safety.

Questions on planning

A lot of heavy lifting can be avoided with better planning. What could be planned more effectively in this situation? How can you personally plan your work to keep heavy […]

Questions on manual lifting

Unfortunately avoiding lifting completely is impossible; but if you do have to lift something, what can you do to ensure that as little strain as possible is placed on your […]

Questions on technical aids

A lot of lifting can be done using technical aids. Which ones do you use? What does using technical aids mean for you? Are there any problems with using certain […]