Questions on orientation and work lighting

Who is responsible for ensuring that the right lighting is available?

Questions on lighting

What would be the consequences of poor lighting at your place of work? What can you personally do to ensure you have the right lighting?

The challenge: To create a lighting plan

Try to imagine working in the place where you are sitting right now. Decide on what work you will imagine yourself doing. How can you achieve the best possible lighting? […]

Lighting on work sites and building sites

No matter whether the construction site is large or small, it is important for the lighting to be correct. Of course, when you can see what you are doing this […]

Working close to electrical cabinets

More or less all work sites and building sites use electricity. You may need electricity for machinery and lighting, and this often requires large electrical cabinets which have to be […]

Facts on good advice on work lighting

Good lighting makes working a lot easier. But it can be hard to work by artificial light as it may cause shadows or dazzle you. So here is some good […]

Keeping electricity in order

Electricity is dangerous if it is not correctly installed, secured and inspected regularly. Therefore, you must always be aware of electrical safety care on the work site and the places […]

See what you have learned about lighting

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