Protective equipment

Protective equipment: Working with asphalt

Asphalt contains substances and materials that can be harmful to health. Therefore, you have to pay particular attention to your protective equipment. Here, you can download a guide in which […]

Protective equipment: Watch out for dust

When you drill and cut construction elements and road surfaces, these give off dust which is harmful to health. You should ideally avoid inhaling this – or, in a worst-case […]

Protective equipment: Can you hear what you see?

Noise from cutting and drilling machines, for instance, is hazardous to health. You personally have to watch out for the following: Ear defenders must be made available and worn if […]

Requirements for protective equipment

Your personal protective equipment must always be maintained and in good condition, otherwise the protection it offers may be reduced. All protective equipment must: Always provide you with the protection […]

Personal protective equipment

Personal protective equipment is a concept which covers lots of different personal protective equipment. One thing they all have in common is the fact that they help to enhance your […]

Protective equipment: Epoxy and PU foam

Epoxy and PU foam are hazardous to health. It is important to familiarise yourself with working with the products. Here, you can download a guide which provides good instructions on […]

Guidelines from the Danish Working Environment Authority on the use of personal protective equipment

Your health and safety are absolutely crucial in your work. This means that the use of personal protective equipment is not a subject for discussion. The Danish Working Environment Services […]

See what you have learned about personal protective equipment

Complete the sheet and see how much you know about safety.

The challenge: personal protective equipment

Watch the video and note where Bent E fails to use protective equipment or uses it incorrectly. Think about what protective equipment you personally would use in those situations. Discuss […]

Questions on personal protective equipment

In the video, does Bent E use the personal protective equipment he should? What protective equipment should he use? What would it safeguard him against? Who is responsible for ensuring […]

Questions on maintenance of personal protective equipment

What does maintenance mean for personal protective equipment? What would happen if it were not cleaned and maintained? Who is responsible for ensuring that personal protective equipment is cleaned and […]

The challenge: What are the various items of protective equipment called?

Look at the picture and name the various items of protective equipment. What work situations would you use them in? And what would they protect you from?