Safety work

Facts on electing a safety representative on the building site

On the building site: When there are 5 employees from the same company on site for more than 14 days, a safety representative has to be elected. Everyone (except for […]

Facts on electing a safety representative at the home company

At the home company When the company employs 10 people, a safety representative must be elected. The safety representative is elected by all employees of the company, or of the […]

Facts on the safety coordinator

The safety coordinator is appointed by the developer, and his job is to coordinate safety in shared areas on site. The coordinator must convene safety meetings on site at least […]

Facts on the Danish Working Environment Authority

The Danish Working Environment Service is the public authority working in respect of the working environment. Its job is to help create safe, healthy work that promotes development by: Inspecting […]

Health and safety plan

PSS – Health and safety plan – is a central tool for safety work. This plan describes how the working environment at the construction site is made safe – and […]

Factsheets on all working environment problems and place of work assessments

BAR Bygge og Anlæg has created a long series of short factsheets which briefly describe the most essential working environment problems in all specialist fields in which Bent E works. […]

Responsibilities and obligations

Developer: The developer has four tasks which are important for safety at the work site The tasks in the shared areas must be delimited in respect of the individual contractors […]

Refuse to do things, call a halt

Always remember to refuse to be part of hazardous situations. Find out more: Refuse to do things, call a halt

The challenge: to elect a safety representative

Search on the Internet and find the answers to these questions: Who can be elected as a safety representative?. When should you elect a safety representative for the building site […]

Questions about training and cooperation

Search on the Internet and find the answers to these questions: Should the safety representative have carried out special training? If so, in what? How does cooperation take place between […]

See what you have learned about safety

Complete the sheet and see whether you have mastered the tasks.

Questions on electing a safety representative

Have you elected a safety representative at your company? Have you had cause to talk to a safety representative about safety? – What about other subjects?

Questions on safety meetings

Do you think safety meetings in real life happen the way they were depicted in the video? Why/why not?

Questions on safety work and finance

Does your safety work cost money, or can safety work pay off for: the developer? the company? the amount you earn? Why/why not?

Questions on place of work assessment (APV)

A place of work assessment is an important tool for dealing with safety at your place of work. What is a place of work assessment? Who should create a place […]