Facts on vibration injuries

The most common vibration injury is “white fingers”. The symptoms are: Tingling or numb fingers. White cold fingers when it is cold. Attacks when touching cold tools. Vibration can also […]

Avoid vibration damage

To avoid vibration damage, you can work with low-vibration tools, suspended tools or remote controlled equipment. Reduce any time you work with vibrating tools. Share work involving vibration with others, […]

Vibration load

The risk of vibration injury is dependent upon the overall vibration to which you are subject over an 8-hour working day. The limit on how much vibration you can be […]

Noise and hand/arm vibration

Industry guide on noise and hand/arm vibration This guide provides good advice on precautionary measures against hand and arm vibration.Noise and vibration

Questions on hand/arm vibration:

How can vibration damage be prevented? What can you do to reduce vibration at your place of work?

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Test yourself on good form

Having the right tools and conditions can help to ensure that you are not injured by working with machinery that vibrates. No matter how strong you are, machines that vibrate […]

The challenge: vibration

Pair up with someone. Have a think about a good alternative which may reduce vibration load.