Working at altitude: general

Safeguarding against falling through

When carrying out renovation tasks, the existing roof structure may be weakened to such an extent that there is a risk of falling through it. Before work is carried out, […]

Questions about Bent E takes to the heights

You should watch the video and note down how many times Bent E puts himself at risk when working at height. This might be because he is not using the […]

Facts on requirements for railings/screens

Railings must be 1 m high and include hand, knee and foot rails. Railings must be able to withstand the following loads in between the posts: – Horizontal load of […]

When bricklayers work on scaffolding

Trestling, boxes, ladders, loose construction elements, etc. must not be used to increase the working height. On rolling scaffolding, all wheels must be braked during use. The brakes must be […]

Avoid occupational accidents from heights

Occupational accidents often happen when people fall off ladders or through holes in the ground. A few precautionary measures can reduce the risk of occupational injuries and accidents. Falling from […]

Questions on railings at height

Who is responsible for ensuring that the correct railings are set up?

Questions on working at height

Have you worked at height? How?

Test yourself on working on scaffolding

Flying high is all very well, but the ground is a long way off! As they say. When working on scaffolding, it is important to be fully conversant with how […]

Lighter causes of accidents

Have you ever tried something similar yourself? Or do you know someone who has? What did you do? Click on the news headline and read through the task with a […]