Working on hoists

Installation of concrete elements

Element fitting is no more complicated than many other tasks in construction, but the consequences are often greater when things go wrong. But the fitting of elements can of course […]

Installation of wooden elements

Safe fitting of wooden elements is largely dependent on health and safety being incorporate throughout the entire process – in the project planning, planning and execution phases. Therefore, cooperation between […]

Hoisting positions and hoists

The entire construction process should be thought through from the outset so you can easily access staff hoists, etc. There must be sufficient space on the construction site to allow […]

Summary of technical aids

A lot of occupational accidents and injuries can be avoided by using aids such as hoists, work platforms and scaffolding. There are lots of different options, and so the industry […]

Questions on working on a hoist

What hazards are generally associated with working on a hoist? Can the various hazards be avoided? How? Who can do the most to promote your safety when you are working […]

Questions on good advice when working on a hoist

What good advice and recommendations are applicable when you work on a hoist? You can check on the Internet or this site. Are the recommendations troublesome and inhibiting, or do […]

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