Working on ladders

Questions on Bent E and the ladder

Watch the video in which Bent E uses a ladder at work. Is the ladder strictly necessary in this situation? What technical aids could he use instead of climbing a […]

Questions about good advice on ladders

Try to come up with the 10 best pieces of advice if someone has to use a ladder at work. Write them down on a piece of paper. They try […]

The challenge: to avoid ladder work

You should come up with a couple of work situations where you would normally use a ladder. Think about whether you can find any other ways to do this work, […]

Questions on safety on the ladder

Do you think in general that people out on building sites are okay at working safety on ladders? What would you do? Why?

10 pieces of advice on setting up ladders

Ladders must always be put up properly, i.e. on a firm, flat surface Always check to make sure the ladder is in order, e.g. to make sure that the rungs […]

Rules for trestle ladders

The top ends must not be able to press against one another. It must be possible to use them as a single ladder if they are equipped to do so. […]

Ladders as a means of escape

There must always be a means of escape in addition to the access route such that everyone at the work site can escape to safety in the event of a […]

Facts on requirements for ladders

All ladders must be inspected at appropriate intervals for looseness, cracks and broken sections. Defective ladders must be repaired or discarded immediately. Remember that the type of ladder suitable for […]

See what you have learned: Drop the ladder

Complete the sheet and see how much you know about safety.

Accidents with ladders

Click on the news article and see just how wrong things can go if you are not careful when working on ladders. Sit down with a colleague and chat about […]

Road builder: Could this be you?

Are you fully aware of how dangerous working on ladders is? Sit down with a colleague and click through the task. Discuss with the team what hazardous situations you personally […]