Working on roofs

HVAC: Could this have been you?

Click through the task together with a colleague. If you get through all the questions, discuss within the team the hazardous situations you have experienced at height.

Safety manual for thatchers: Take care when you are high up on straw

Roofing seats, walkways, construction hoists, roofing materials. You will find only some of the tools useful when you work as a roofer. You will often have to roof old, worn […]

Questions on fall protection on roofs

Is it inconvenient to use protection and shielding? What reasons can there be for not using it? What do you need to use it?

The challenge: safety on the roof

Watch the video and note where Bent E or his colleagues are in danger of falling off or through the roof. Use the Internet and, for example, to find […]

Industry guide on roofing

Here, you can find out – among other things – what barriers you have to use when working on roofs. You can also see which scaffolding you have to put […]

Questions on hazards of roof work

Who is responsible for making sure you are safe when working on roofs?

Take care when laying a new roof

When working on a roof, it is important for you to have plenty of space to move about and for good safety measures to be in place. For example, remember […]

Facts on precautionary measures for roof pitches of 15 degrees or above

Before starting work, a scaffold, screen or similar must be set up at the base of the roof; if the height of the base above ground level is more than […]

Facts on steps for standing and support

Steps can be placed on the laths to ensure good working positions are maintained. There are also workbenches which can be used for positioning materials/roof tiles and machines. These workbenches […]

Lath bases/battens

Working and being on the roof must be possible without risking falling from or through the roof. Keep an eye on the following: When constructing a new building, T1 laths […]

Industry guide on installing concrete and roof tiles

When you are to install concrete and roof tiles, you may encounter lots of hazardous situations in which it is important to know what you are doing. For instance, you […]

Facts on cutting roof tiles

Roof tiles must be cut using stationary wet cutting machines placed either on a scaffold, on the ground or on a platform on laths. All roof tiles to be cut […]

Facts on scaffolding for roof work

If a scaffold is used, the scaffold cover must be placed no more than 1/2 m under the base of the roof, and the scaffold must be fitted with railings. […]

See what you have learned about roof pitch and safety

Complete the sheet and see how much you know about safety.