Bent E – training on the working environment

The best way to learn is to use various senses simultaneously. Therefore, you can view videos here, perform tasks, be set challenges, read relevant documentation and be inspired as to how you can find answers to lots of different questions on the working environment; either in a context in which the various elements support one another, or by looking at one topic at a time and working in a structured manner with issues relating to heavy lifting, for example. This provides you with a vast range of options as a teacher as you can arrange your teaching freely and use all the training material, or just parts of it.


When you first access the homepage, the navigation is self-explanatory. You click on the relevant specialist group, and from there you can see videos or choose tasks or facts. You can always navigate among the two menus as well as watch the videos.

Focus on video

The various Bent E videos are easy and quick to view and can be shown either for the team all together or viewed individually. However, we recommend that you show the videos to the entire team and then discuss them together, where Bent E makes obvious mistakes, or use the videos to whet the appetite when you are going to begin working environment training.

Focus on documentation

In combination with the videos, you can ideally use the various tasks and factual information in the menus to the right and left of the video which are relevant to the specialist group which you are showing:


A category where you will be challenged in various ways. There are question which are relevant to the specialist group shown, and there are other types of task which are more general in nature. There are four types of task: See what you have learned, The investigator, The challenger and Test yourself.

  • In SEE WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED, you have to fill in a tips coupon online, and you will get a smiley or a skull depending on whether you gave the right or the wrong answer. Once you have checked off all the answers, press the Results button to find out straight away how many answers you got right and wrong. You will also see what percentage of right answers you got compared with other users.
  • In THE INVESTIGATOR, you will be given a video-specific task in which you have to note down, for example, all the places where Bent E uses incorrect lifting techniques.
  • In THE CHALLENGE, you will generally have to look for help online, or anywhere else you think you may find the answers.
  • In TEST YOURSELF, you will find out just how smart you really are. You will be asked a long list of questions with three possible answers, and a barometer will show you just how many times you get the answers right or wrong. No matter whether you answer correctly or incorrectly, you will always see the right answer before you move on to the next question.


Good advice and factual information on aids, work processes, etc., plus links to factsheets, guidelines, laws and rules, where you can find out more about various working environment conditions of relevance to the specialist group shown. For instance, these may be factsheets on the handling of plasterboard or use of protective equipment.

Print out the documentation

All documentation can be printed out in a print-friendly format so that it can be used separately. For instance, this may be useful if you want to test what the team knows before the video is shown, or if the documentation is to be used in connection with lessons or other preparation.

Good ideas and comments

If you have any new good ideas for or comments on how we can make “Bent E” even better, we would love to hear from you. Write to or call 36 14 14 00