Monotonous work that places a strain on your body

Various forms of monotonous, stressful work:

  • Monotonous, repetitive work.
  • Static holding and carrying work.
  • Working in static working positions.
  • Work demanding attention, concentration, vision and hearing.

Stressful working positions and movements are linked with:

  • Work site conditions and equipment.
  • The design/operating requirements of the machinery and technical aids used.
  • The form of samples and their placement before, during and after handling.
  • Choice of working methods.

Avoid strained working positions:

  • Plan your work so that you can avoid strained working positions completely.
  • Always use technical aids wherever you have the space and opportunity to do so.
  • Make sure you keep things tidy so that you can use technical aids.
  • Switch between various kinds of task and working position.
  • Avoid working above shoulder height and below knee height.
  • As far as possible, avoid working lying down, squatting or kneeling over any length of time.

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