When bricklaying

Find out how you can reduce heavy work and strained working positions.

  • Raise the scaffolding for every 1 metre.
  • Foundations and shelves – plan your work so that you avoid working below knee height.
  • Use stone corbels with 80 stones and place them on raised palls at the work site.
  • Brickwork construction under overhangs, balconies and floors – make sure you do not lay bricks above shoulder height.
  • Brickwork construction in enclosed spaces – as far as possible, use technical aids and make sure there is a good transport route to and from the room.
  • Bricklayer’s tubs – raise the tub, ideally using a stand.
  • Cutting bricks – use tools which take the strain off your back and shoulders.
  • Activation and stirring of mortar – use a mechanical, cable-free tool operated with two hands, e.g. a stirrer with a fitted mixer.

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