Questions on working positions

  • On a work site, is it possible to create more variation in the work done so that people suffer from less strain – and can everyone maintain a full working life?
  • Provide a few examples from your own everyday life.
  • Think of situations in which you end up working either above shoulder height (i.e. when you have to have your arms up above shoulder height) or below knee height (i.e. so that you have to bend down).
  • Could these situations be avoided? For instance, consider the placement of tools and materials, technical aids and planning.
  • Watch the video and note down how you think Bent E and his colleagues are placing themselves in unnecessarily strained working positions.
  • What could they do better in the various situations?
  • How can people work together on a site to introduce better habits regarding working positions? What would you do?
  • Watch the video and find a scene in which Bent E places himself in a strained working position.
    Try to recreate the situation with the person next to you: so get up and sit, stand or lie in the same position as Bent E.
  • How could you specifically improve your working position? Find another way of sitting, standing or lying which does not strain your body as much.
  • Have a think about the situations in which you will be working which may place your body under a lot of strain. And find the technical aids that can relieve the strain on your body so that you can maintain a full working life without pain.